TED Talk of the week: Meet Arthur Benjamin; the Mathemagician

May 4, 2014
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I bet you saw #thetrend episode on NTV where Larry Madowo hosted a brilliant girl who could solve complex mathematical problems with nothing but a marker. The showcase of her skills was impressive, and she awed almost everyone who watched the show.

However, she is not the only one with such an amazing ability. Meet Arthur Benjamin. Prof. Arthur is one of the pioneers of Mathemagic and an expert in combinatorics. Mathemagic incorporates the used of math and a pinch of illusion in solving complex math calculations.

If the girl on the trend belittled your math skills, Benjamin will embarrass you and mock your advanced math skills. However, Benjamin is kinder, and he will reveal some of his tricks near the end of his talk.


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  • Dabo Digit Mpakalini

    Just for your information, there was nothing strange about the little girl on The Trend. What she was doing is something that you can learn in a week. Its called “Vedic Maths”. Just Google “Vedic maths” and get started. I use the technique to awe my friends all the time. It has also made it easier for me to get laid after mesmerizing ignorant ladies.

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    • haha! That’s a good one, using your super powers to pick up ladies, i thought super heroes should use their magic for the common good? Personally, math never seemed to find me attractive but the vedic stuff looks sweet. On the little girl, you have to give it to her forsaking all those cool things girls her age do (like whatsapping all day)for the math! Anyway, it all drills down to passion, and i will therefore stick to my ‘Blogimagic’

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