TED Talk of the week: Pamela Meyer Discusses Giveaways to Spot a Liar

May 18, 2014
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Lying is one of the common nasty habits that you will find in people. We often lie about our feelings, achievements or anything else we would paint a better picture about our personalities.

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Fortunately or, unfortunately, you aren’t the only one who lies. The people around us also do return the favor and they occasionally sneak in a lie during our normal interactions.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could spot a lie as soon as someone tells it? Yeah, that would make life a lot easier. However, it isn’t as easy as its sounds. The human mind is an advanced organ and with centuries of evolution has been able to perfect the art of deceit.

Fortunately, some easy giveaways will help you spot a lie instantly. The giveaways may not necessarily turn you into a human lie detector, but will lower instances of you becoming a willing participant in the deception.

The video below by Pamela Meyer explains why the authenticity of a smile is not in the lips but rather in the eyes.


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