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The Top 5 Evil Tech Habits Everyone Should Avoid

January 25, 2014
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Tech gadgets have a fundamental part in the modern day life. Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become have been integrated so much into our modern lifestyle that we can’t imagine a world without them.

The first few days after the purchase of your pricey tech gadgets, we often devote a significant amount of time to the care of our shiny devices.

However, just after the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, life begins to get harder and rougher for the tech gadget we once fondly adored.

Good Tech Habits essentially enable us to squeeze out more time out of our devices.

Here are some of the most rampant Tech crimes we often commit

cracked iPhone screen

Keeping your devices in a perpetual standby mode

Let not the sophistication of the gadget you possess awe you. You should occasionally tap/click on the shutdown button and give your devices a couple of hours rest.

Powering off and restarting your tech gadgets can help in solving some of the common operating system errors. Additionally, doing the periodic shutdown your device gives you the chance to calibrate your device.

Resting Laptops on Bare Skin, Duvets and Carpets

Heat can cause some serious and permanent damage on your tech gadgets. There are several reported cases where laptop batteries overheated and caused house fires.

This is not limited to laptops as there has also been numerous case of excessive heat causing battery malfunction.

Apart from the risk of your tech gadgets burning down your apartment, overheating could also lead to some serious damage to your PC components.

It could also ultimately lead to a major drop in battery stamina.

Use of phony accessories

Continuous usage of your accessories will wear down your gadget’s accessories. Most will prefer the cheapest options available to replace their accessories.

Although, this might save you a couple of bucks, the result could be disastrous.

In 2013, there was a reported case of a faulty Samsung Galaxy S3 battery causing some serious second-degree burns to the user.

To minimize the occurrence of such incidences, verify the quality of each accessory you purchase. Original spares may cost more, but they provide the ultimate advantage of safety in the long run.

Neglecting the importance of protective cases

It is common to see folks carrying around expensive tech gadgets without their protective cases. Its goes without saying that protective cases can go a long way to prevent the dented corners on your devices.

Oh! However, if you are a big fan for busted touch screens, then protective cases are merely an option for you.

Using House Hold Cleaners on your Gadgets

This is a tech Crime i was convicted and did time for. I am that kind of person who finds smudges and dirt on my laptop extremely irritating.

I while back I saw that my laptop keyboard was quite dusty. I quickly took some rubbing alcohol and like a boss, i gave my laptop keyboard a thorough cleaning

My efforts paid off as the keyboard turned out squeaky clean with a commentary alcoholic scent as a bonus.

However, to my extreme shock, two rows of keys on the keyboard ceased to function. Take it from me; keep your household cleaners far away as you can from your tech gadgets.

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