UC Browser is on a Grand Quest to Dominate the African Browser Market

April 27, 2016
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China boasts the highest number of smartphone users in the world, and Chinese mobile internet interests are beginning to expand outside of the mainland to a global audience.

Latest data from TechinAsia shows that the Chinese-based browser is ranked as the second most popular browser in the world.

UC Browser

With a 20 percent global market share (as of February 2016), UC Browser is the leading Chinese mobile browser. UC Browser has also risen rapidly in a number of emerging markets, particularly India and Indonesia, where it enjoys a strong lead.

UC Browser’s achievements in Asia

UC Browser is the most popular mobile browser in Asia. UC browser has already conquered China, India and Indonesia, three strategic Asian markets. In fact, it’s dominance in the three markets is a reason behind its dominance in the global market.


African and Asian mobile users have something in common. Having become a mobile-first population, users look to their smartphones as their primary, sometimes, the only internet-enabled device.

This means more functionality needs to be built into phones and apps, something which UC Browser knows all too well. UC Browser works more like a content aggregator rather than just being a simple browser. This technique allows people to get more out of their browsing experience in fewer clicks.

So can UC Browser catch up with Opera in Africa?

Opera has a huge lead in Africa, primarily due to the Opera Mini browser which African users love. However, the recent official launch of the UC Browser in Africa recently has put a question mark to Opera’s market leadership.

The most compelling reason UC Browser why UC browser survives and is able to stand out from the competition is that it provides something the local users really need.


This includes a fast browsing speed as well as an extremely strong download performance. UC browser aims to let users have an all-in-one experience while browsing the internet without having to install other apps.

“The past few years have seen fast-lane growth in smartphone shipments in Kenya. Riding on the smartphone shift, UC Browser crafted a flurry of handy features, such as its Smart Downloader, Video Player and Gesture Support, to fully exploit the versatility of the smartphone, making mobile browsing easier and smarter for its users”, says the Director of International Business Department of UC Web.

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