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Four Websites Perfect for Night Bedside Reading

August 25, 2014
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I am one of those people who at times struggle falling asleep.

It is frustrating as while you should be sleeping your brain is bombarding you with thousands of ideas of how you can change the world.

I personally, I dislike reading books and for that reason I prefer reading web articles on my Smartphone as i wait for the Sandman to do his thing.

Over time I have created a ‘playlist’ of websites perfect for bedside reading.

List Verse

Listverse is one my favorite websites on the net.

List Verseoffers an amazing experience for anyone with a curious mind that peaks just before they sleep. The greatest thing about the site [apart from the thousands of lists], is that the articles are well-researched and crowd sourced.

Like a mini-Wikipedia, List verse will with time add a few points to your existing IQ.


Quora is a sort of social network where its users ask questions to issues of their interest. Unlike, Yahoo Answers, most questions and replies are those of mature users experienced in the issues under discussion.

Quora is one of those sites that will liberate your perspective on the whole concept of life and give you a couple of ‘wow, I didn’t know that’ moments.


Red is one of the most popular forums on the internet. It’s fun, educative, and generally awesome. Reddit is more like having a party in the library.

You will particularly love Reddit if you are a fan of internet memes.

Reddit is in fact, sort of a Meme factory and you will therefore, be among the folks to decide on the next viral meme.


Do you have one of those moments of having a strong urge to know how something works just as you are about to get ready for bed?

I have a lot of those and unfortunately, I won’t doze off until my quest is satisfied.

WiseGeek is one of those sites I hit during those moments.

The thing I love about WiseGeek is just the way they explain stuff.

WiseGeek can make anything from Economics to Military science appear straight forward and simple to grasp, even in your sleepy state.


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