[image] what to do when your Android phone heats up

Stuff to do when Your Android Phone Heats up

August 2, 2014
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The Smartphone market has been experiencing a tremendous growth over the last few years.

The increased demand for Smartphones with advanced features has pushed Smartphone manufacturers to up their game and in order to ensure that their brand stays relevant in the dynamic Smartphone market.

With the possibility of what you can do with your Android Smartphone ‘practically’ Limitless, some folks are trying too hard to erase ‘practically’ out of this sentence.

Pushing your Android Phone to the extreme can have some disastrous effects.

You may have noticed that your Android is heating up to an extent that it begins to become uncomfortable for you to hold it. Well, you are not alone!

Many Android users also do face a similar issue.

Below are some of the causes why your Android phone heats up and what you can do to avoid this Temperature rise.

[image] what to do when your Android phone heats up

Reason #1: An Overworked Processor

 Like earlier indicated, some people may push their Smartphone too far.

The possibilities of what you can do with your Android phone may be unlimited, but piling up tasks after tasks could be the reason why your Smartphone is overheating.

Smartphones do have a limit on the load they can take. Some forget about this and tend to work their Smartphones exceeding what the CPU can handle.

Overstretching your Smartphone resources can lead to an increase in the temperature of a device while in use.

What to do:

Get to know and understand just how much your Android Phone can handle. The performance metrics of an Android device are in most instances determined by the Power of the Processor and the quantity of RAM.

Avoid excessive Gaming and Browsing

Reduce the use of heavy applications like HD gaming, Streaming services and GPS

Give your device the ‘space’ it needs while it’s charging

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Reason #2: Lots of Running Apps and Background Tasks

Many users leave all sorts of services enabled and running apps on their Android phone.

These services e.g. nc and running Apps may overwork your Smartphone and drain your battery; this causes overheating.

What to do:

Disable some of the functions that you don’t need

Disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection when not using them

Turn off apps that are not in use

Delete apps that you don’t need anymore

You should also consider using RAM cleaner Apps that automatically turn off applications, not in active use

Reason #3: Structural Factors

Unlike the desktop PC’s and laptops that are big enough for ventilation or the installation of a cooling system, Smartphone are smaller and lack a ventilation system.

This presents heating problems when room temperatures go up or when the Smartphone is placed in a hot place.

What to do

Reduce the use of your Android Smartphone in High Temperature Environments

Take care of your Android phone and avoid placing it on hot surfaces.

Reason #4: Network Issues

When the network is weak, your Android phone Operating System constantly scans the area thoroughly searching for a signal from the nearest tower.

The Continuous search for a signal may not only cause a mild temperature increase, but could also cause some massive battery drain.

What to do:

Turn off 3G when the signal is weak

Minimize Mobile Data Usage in areas with poor reception

Consider activating Flight Mode in areas where the signal is poor

Reason #5: A Faulty Battery

Your Smartphone may be overheating simply because of a faulty battery. The battery might be nearing the end of its life cycle, or it may also be a counterfeit.

A faulty battery is a hazard and could lead to some bodily harm in the case where it explodes. Monitor your battery/charger closely for any anomalies and only go for genuine spares each time you wish to replace a faulty battery/charger.

What to do:

Replace the battery with a new one recommended by the manufacturer

The above are the common solutions to implement when your Android phone heats up.

You paid good money for your Smartphone; it is therefore, necessary that you suck up the maximum utility from your Smartphones.

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