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Install the Whistle Phone Finder and whistle your Problems away

June 5, 2014
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Ever heard one of those mornings where you wake up late and sprint all over your place as you try to beat the clock?

Luckily, you get dressed up just in time, but as you are about to slam the door shut, you remember that you left your Smartphone behind.

The struggle now officially begins. You completely have no idea of where you last placed your handset. Panic Mode sets in, pillows are thrown all over, cushions overturned, and everything is now in a mess.

Now let me introduce you to this App, the Whistle Phone Finder. The Whistle Phone Finder is an intuitive app that solves the common annoyance of misplacing your phone.

The App works in the same exact way you find a lost puppy, by whistling.

Whistle Phone Finder

Yeah, you just whistle and the phone, whistles backs and through this you can ‘triangulate’ the location of your device. I was skeptical about the workings of the Whistle Phone Finder App and I just had to try it to see the sorcery live in action.

Configuring the App is a breeze and all that is required is enabling the App. The Whistle Phone Finder App will only work when the phone is on sleep mode.

You can also set the sensitivity settings of the App. A high sensitivity level well set the phone to detect your whistle more easily, but may also detect sounds of a similar pitch.

The Whistle Phone Finder App worked flawlessly about 85% of the time and the phone whistled back. The whistle isn’t that loud so the App will work perfectly in areas with less noise.

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