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This Tiny Tweak will turn any Windows 10 Smartphone into a Phablet

October 19, 2015
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A Phablet, to those not familiar with the term, is a smartphone that has a display measuring between 5.5 – 6.99 inches, and the word itself is a linguistic blend of the words ‘Phone’ and ‘Tablet’.

Using a Phablet is awesome in the sense that you get to enjoy all that display real estate and it generally accords you a pleasant viewing experience.

Well, Microsoft through its latest build of the Windows 10 Mobile now provide a tweak that turns any Windows 10 Mobile into what feels like a Phablet.

This is simply through scaling down the User Interface and thus cloning a tablet-like experience. Some of the native Windows 10 Apps such as Microsoft Edge play nice with the tweak and look a lot like the PC version once the Phablet mode is activated.

The tweak is impressive on Windows Phone Smartphone with a display size larger than 5.0 inches as showcased on the screenshot below.

[image] windows-10-mobile-phablet-mode

Those running the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile can activate the feature via heading to Settings > Phone > Display and moving the display to the lowest setting.


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