[Image] Xiaomi Mi 3 India Sale

Extreme: Xiaomi Shifts 15,000 Mi 3 units in 2 seconds

August 5, 2014
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Yes, you read that right!

Xiaomi sold 15,000 Mi 3 units in India in just 2 seconds flash sale.

[Image] Xiaomi Mi 3 India Sale

This impressive record beats a similar one set by Xiaomi in India, where a similar quantity of devices was sold out in a 58 seconds flash sale.

The impressive performance of the Mi 3 is attributed to its competitive price that appeals to a huge section of the Indian Smartphone buyers.

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The Mi 3 has a price tag ($230) that is on average, half the price of other major flagship devices.

India looks to be the next frontier for Xiaomi to expand its global presence.

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