[Image] Xiaomi Smartphone Shipments Q2 2014

Xiaomi Beats Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei to become the largest Smartphone Vendor in China

August 5, 2014
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Xiaomi is now officially the largest Smartphone vendor in China. This is after the Chinese Tech Giant overtook Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo in the second quarter 2014 sales shipments in China.

Samsung is, however, still the largest Smartphone vendor in the world according to IDC Q2 2014 shipment figures.

Xiaomi has achieved some rather exponential growth in the past year and holds about 14% of the Chinese Smartphone market.

[Image] Xiaomi Smartphone Shipments Q2 2014

Xiaomi shifted about 15 Million units in the Chinese Market the second quarter of 2014. This is an impressive feat compared to just the 4.4 Million units the company shifted in the same period (this about 240% growth).

Samsung shipped about 13.2 Million units to the Chinese market in Q2 2014, which is a slight drop from the 15.5 million units the South Korean Tech Giant shifted in China last year.

Industry watchers have attributed the spectacular growth of  Xiaomi, a company  dubbed the ‘Apple Clone’ in some circles, to its successful strategy to deliver great devices at a fantastic price point.

One of the interesting bits about this issue is that about 97% of all the shipments by Xiaomi is just from Mainland China. This implies that only a tiny fraction of the Xiaomi shipments is contributed by Smartphone markets outside Mainland China.

It will, therefore, be very enthralling to see the disruption of the Smartphone market once Xiaomi goes global.

Xiaomi already has its eyes set on the global market as it looks forward to shifting about 60 million Smartphones in 2014.

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